piano instruction

Individual private piano lessons may be traditional, but often end with children quitting out of frustration or boredom. Group lessons allow children to develop an understanding of basic music literacy which helps them succeed in private lessons down the road.

Group Method

Years of experience have shown us that children best learn to read music when building on a strong foundation of listening skills and aural awareness.

Emphasis on the Ear

Group piano classes keep music making fun, build confidence, help students overcome performance anxiety, and help nurture the musician inside each child.

The Curriculum

Comprehensive learning materials for six 15-week semesters includes notation games, repertoire pieces, sight-reading pieces, opportunities for composing, exercises for developing further literacy skills and fun opportunities to learn about music and composers.

With the Musikgarten method, you will continue to enjoy music with your children at home. Parents play a vital role in establishing good practice habits at home; this process is facilitated with two excellent CDs for each level, together with games and ideas shared with parents in the final section of each lesson.

Family Involvement

Music Makers: at the Keyboard - by Musikgarten