piano instruction

Music Makers:

Around the World and at the Keyboard

Introductory classes to prepare younger students for group piano - starting at age 5

Children gain cultural awareness, develop their listening and vocal skills, move towards becoming musical literate, and gain control of their bodies. With the accentuation of higher-level skills such as symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, and self-expressions, the children are better prepared for instrumental study.

At the Keyboard Year 1

Introductory method for groups of young beginners - ages 6-9

  • Lays groundwork for keyboard success
  • Fosters pride and excitement in making music both independently and with other.
  • Approaches music reading both aurally and visually. Aural method emphasis helps students build a natural bridge to reading.
  • Maintains holistic approach to music learning
  • Features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for success at the keyboard such as:
    • ​​​Dancing and drumming to nurture the child's rhythmic devclopment
    • Singing to nurture the child's tonal development.
    • Composing and musical dictation to nurture the child's literacy skills and development.

Music Makers:

At the Keyboard Years 2 & 3

Subsequent years of this introductory keyboard method refine the physical and aural skills developed in year 2.

  • Introduces much-loved piano repertoire.
  • Develops and enhances comprehensive musicianship at the keyboard
  • Refines body control and ear tuning
  • Improves the ability to read and play with fluency.
  • Further challenges the child to acquire and master more advanced technical skills.
  • Continues to build foundation for life-long instrument playing.