piano instruction

Music Makers:


Introductory classes to prepare younger students for group piano - starting at age 5

Children gain cultural awareness, develop their listening and vocal skills, move towards becoming musically literate, and gain control of their bodies. With the accentuation of higher-level skills such as symbolic thinking, concentration, memory, and self-expressions, the children are better prepared for instrumental study.

Students ages 5-6 will explore music from around the world - including songs, dances, stories, and customs of different cultures as well as our own. They will also thoroughly explore the keyboard as well as rhythm instruments, bells & xylophone, hand drums, and more. Through musical play, they will learn basic musicianship skills with familiar songs, increase motor coordination, and advance their rhythmic & aural acuity at a developmentally appropriate pace.

At the end of this program, your child will have a comprehensive music foundation which is an excellent preparation for the next step, Music Makers at the Keyboard.

At the Keyboard Level 1

Introductory method for groups of young beginners - ages 6-9

  • Lays groundwork for keyboard success
  • Fosters pride and excitement in making music both independently and with other.
  • Approaches music reading both aurally and visually. Aural method emphasis helps students build a natural bridge to reading.
  • Maintains holistic approach to music learning
  • Features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for success at the keyboard such as:
    • ​​​Dancing and drumming to nurture the child's rhythmic devclopment
    • Singing to nurture the child's tonal development.
    • Composing and musical dictation to nurture the child's literacy skills and development.

At the Keyboard Level 2 & 3

Subsequent years of this introductory keyboard method refine the physical and aural skills developed in year 2.

  • Introduces much-loved piano repertoire.
  • Develops and enhances comprehensive musicianship at the keyboard
  • Refines body control and ear tuning
  • Improves the ability to read and play with fluency.
  • Further challenges the child to acquire and master more advanced technical skills.
  • Continues to build foundation for life-long instrument playing​

​Private Lessons

The piano instructors, along with parents, will determine when private lessons are suitable. Every student is different and moves at different pace. Private lessons will be considered based on age, skill level, discipline and practice history.